Gray’s Park

Grays Pond Strathmore

Gray’s Park is a wetland green space that was created in partnership with Ducks Unlimited.

This green space is open year round with a dirt and gravel walking path around the lake. In the winter months, Gray’s Pond is also cleared to allows skaters and hockey players to make use of the ice.

Gray’s Park was created as an wetland park to provide an ecosystem for the various species in Strathmore who call it home. As a result, no swimming, canoeing or fishing is allowed in the Pond. Because of it’s wetland nature, this park is also the best place to view migratory birds, with large families of Swans visiting each Spring.

In comparison with Strathmore’s other large green space, Kinsmen, Gray’s Pond is the quieter of the two (with no Splash Park or Playground) and contains more wildlife.

There is limited public parking north of the park.

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