Out Door Rink

Strathmore Out Door Rink

The Strathmore Lions Club has worked in partnership with town residents to build a year round outdoor recreation facility.

This facility was built in 2015 and is open free of charge to the public. The rink is flooded with water during the winter months to create an ice rink. During the summer months the out door rink is perfect for ball hockey with it’s large cement court.

Indoor View of the Out Door Rink
Indoor View of the Out Door Rink (after a rain)

The gate to the outdoor rink is generally left unlocked, allowing residents to use the space at anytime. Lights are provided in the evenings throughout the year so residents can continue to play into the evening (especially during the winter months).

Strathmore’s Out Door Rink is located next to Strathmore’s Agricultural Grounds and directly behind Strathmore High School’s track.

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