About the Town of Strathmore

About the Town of Strathmore

Strathmore, Alberta has become a great place to raise a family, retire, and escape the rush of the city of Calgary.

The Town of Strathmore is a town of just over 13,000 people that sits on the Trans-Canada highway 25 minutes east of Calgary.

Strathmore is home to over 11 schools, a local hospital and is know for their famous Running of the Bulls event at the Strathmore Stampede every year.

Strathmore had its beginnings as a small hamlet for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) lines that were built in the area in 1883. Since then, the town has grown and recently celebrated it’s centennial in 2011.

In recent years Strathmore has grown into a bedroom community of Calgary, similar to Okotoks, Cochrane and High River, but with a few key differences.

Key Differences

Strathmore is still a Town
While many may debate the value of living in a town vs. a city Strathmore truly feels like a town despite the population of 13,000. Unlike other towns that rapidly turned into cities (and experienced all the growing pains that come with it) Strathmore has seen a regular and sustained population growth. What this means for residents is the ability for schools, health care, clubs, and town services to better adapt to the new residents and developments.
Concerns frequently expressed by residents in cities like Airdrie or new communities in Calgary include:

  • Residents struggle to find health care providers taking on new patients. Strathmore continues to open new clinics.
  • They have to travel long distances to find a school for their children. All of Strathmore’s schools are a ten minute drive from anywhere in town. 
  • Class sizes in the schools are larger than they would like. Strathmore’s school sizes are much smaller compared to the City of Calgary.
  • Lack of recreational facilities (pools, fields, club teams, etc). Strathmore has it’s own pool, rec centers, and community sports teams.
  • Traffic, traffic, traffic! Too many new residents in a new area can put a very heavy load on the transportation system. Strathmore never experiences ‘rush hour’ traffic.
  • Lack of parking. Many residents in Calgary end up paying for parking when making regular visits to the Doctor or Dentist. All of Strathmore’s parking is free of charge.

On the Trans Canada Highway The Trans Canada Highway conveniently runs directly through Strathmore and connects Strathmore to Calgary directly. A large portion of Strathmore residents commute to Calgary daily, and of those residents that do commute to work, most report the same commute time compared to when they lived in Calgary (at an average of 45 minutes each way). The Trans Canada Highway from Strathmore becomes 16th Avenue once inside Calgary city limits.

Just far enough away from Calgary

With Calgary only being a 25 minute drive away, the Town of Strathmore is a great option for those who still want to experience the entertainment and attractions of Calgary while enjoying life in a smaller town. Amenities in Calgary that are less than 45 minutes away include:

  • Calgary International Airport (42 minutes away)
  • The Scotiabank Saddledome where concerts and Calgary Flames games are held (45 minutes)
  • The Calgary Zoo (38 minutes away)
  • The Telus Spark (37 minutes away)
  • Stephen Avenue- Downtown Calgary (45 minutes)

Around Strathmore

  • Drumheller Royal Tyrrell Museum (1 hr and 9 minutes away)
  • Aspen Crossing (30 minutes away)
  • Rosebud theater (42 minutes away)

Strathmore Living was created to be a platform for all things Strathmore, Alberta to showcase all Strathmore has to offer. To learn more about Strathmore’s amenities, feel free to explore this website, or view a summary of some of what Strathmore has to offer here.