Jobs in Strathmore

Major Employers

Strathmore’s major employers include Walmart, Canadian Tire and the Agriculture Industry (on a mostly private level). Additional major employers include Strathmore District Health Services, Golden Hills School Division and Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate School Division.

Strathmore Economic
Infographic of Strathmore’s occupations (Stats Canada 2016)

In the most recent Statistics Canada survey (2016) a total of 7,375 residents working and participating in the labour force were polled.

Strathmore’s most common occupation is Sales & Service (1725), followed by Trades, Transport and Equipment (1570).

Most of Strathmore’s major employers are sales and service businesses including Walmart, Rona, Canadian Tire, Sobeys, No Frills, CO-OP and Dollarama. Strathmore is also home to over 50 restaurants and fast food chain locations which employ many residents.

Commute to Work

While many of Strathmore’s residents commute to Calgary daily for work, a majority of residents only commute within census subdivision, meaning a majority of the polled workers have work either in Strathmore, or nearby.

Data based off Stats Canada 2016 Census. Percentages of Strathmore residents and commute destinations.