Lakewood of Strathmore, Strathmore Stampede, Global Fest YYC present new fireworks series

Lakewood of Strathmore, the Strathmore Stampede and Global Fest YYC have entered into a partnership to host a series of five fireworks events throughout the year.

This will be the first of a multi year campaign to feature a series of shows at the Agricultural Society grounds annually. The goal is to continue hosting five, if not going up to as many as six shows per year.

“Back in 2020, we were the only pyro musical, and the largest Canadian pyro musical in Western Canada. That was when we did our big Global Fest Fire on the Lake show in Lakewood, and that really spawned everything,” said Scott Silva, who spoke on behalf of Lakewood of Strathmore.

“Of course, the world had a little bit of a break the last couple years, so we were not able to do as much, but now with 2023 and everything coming back into full swing, we are really able to expand on this idea.”

This partnership, he added, has been in the works to launch in this fashion since 2020, now being coined as the “Roadshow Series.”

Currently scheduled, the five fireworks events appearing on the Roadshow lineup include Cowboy Town Concert, Strathmore Stampede, Stampede Fright Night, Light up the Night, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Silva explained one of the goals for the partnership is to attract the attention of Calgary businesses, as well as to bring in more outside tourism to the Strathmore and Wheatland County region.

“Especially working with our partners at Global Fest, we really want to attract a lot of the Calgary market and bring them out to Strathmore and share our amazing communities, our amazing people and all out amazing amenities out here,” he said.

“We would love to be able to see a large effect and a great effect for a lot of the local businesses on an economic side of things, and we are hoping that this additional tourism is going to bring those people out to they are not only spending their money here, but they are spending the night… It is a great piece for economic development.”

Originally, the idea began with a working relationship between Global Fest and Heckya, partnering to host several smaller scale events in the greater Calgary area.

More information regarding the event dates and how to purchase tickets is available through the Lakewood of Strathmore Facebook page, as well as through the Strathmore Stampede website.