SWCC seeking applicants for new Executive Director

The Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce (SWCC) is currently accepting applications for someone to fill the position of Executive Director for the organization.

Currently the position is held by Scott Silva, though he explained the SWCC is looking to be able to introduce their new Executive Director at their upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

“Throughout this meeting, we are looking to bring on our new executive director. The job posting has now gone live,” he said.

Silva has served in his position as Executive Director of the SWCC for nearly 18 months, and has been with the Chamber for a little more than three years in total.

Over the course of Silva’s tenure, the SWCC has more than doubled its membership. The organization continues to be ambitious about its growth.

For the convenience of anyone who may be interested in potentially filling the position, the Chamber’s desired qualities and qualifications in a candidate have been posted online. Silva added to keep in mind the station is not a full-time position.

“In a general sense, it is always good to have a leader who understands what they are leading, and that means for small, medium and large businesses,” said Silva.

“The second part is somebody with passion for their community, somebody who wants to come out here and make a difference every day that they are able to.”

Despite the lack of full-time hours, the position as Executive Director of the SWCC will come with a tremendous amount of public recognition, as well as the necessity to attend a great deal of public functions.

Silva explained the SWCC team is seeking an applicant who will show a great deal of initiative and drive to dive in right out of the gate and help to have a positive impact for the community, both public and for local businesses.

“What you are going to find as executive director, is that you are involved in so many different levels of people’s lives, from small businesses to medium, and large,” he said.

“When you start to see the response and the difference that you can make in these businesses just by picking up a phone, answering their questions or putting them in touch with a resource, it is amazing.”

Information regarding how to apply for the position is available here https://www.theswcc.ca/#werehiring . How to attend the public AGM either in person or online can be found here. https://33a98f1b-0e41-4dc5-aebf-763e44d51407.usrfiles.com/ugd/33a98f_fed1b1f18c9c45ea881dbe436860fd71.pdf