Cowboy Town Concert returns bigger and better this Saturday

June 24 marks the return of the Strathmore Agricultural Society’s annual Cowboy Town Concert, which
this year has partnered with Lakewood and GlobalFest.
Scott Silva, director of sales and marketing for Lakewood of Strathmore, explained the team is very
excited about the partnership, as it will also mark the kickoff of the Lakewood fireworks series.
“This series is having its first fireworks go off this Saturday, so it is very exciting… There are not that
many tickets left… it is going to be a great night, Brett Kissel is playing, Drew Gregory is going to be there
as well,” he said.
“It is an annual thing that the Ag Society started up, and we are very proud to work with them,
especially on the fireworks component. Our job this weekend, will be adding that little bit of explosive
life and value to the show, and also as the finale. We are really excited to have our friends at Global Fest
come out and blow some stuff up.”
Silva described the show as a testament to the entire town, the Ag Society, Wheatland County, and local
stakeholders when an event like this is able to come together and be a success, attracting crowds from
across the region.
Regarding the recent rains and overcast weather, Silva added he considered it a blessing to get some
moisture in the area prior to the show, and reducing the risk of unintentional fires popping up.
“Our biggest concern was actually the lack of rain up until now, so now that we are getting the rain, it
seems to be helping out, especially with permits and approvals,” he said.
“We do work very closely with Strathmore Fire Department and the Ag Society in fire preparedness, also
with our fire watchers and volunteers, so we have got a lot of things in play.”
Outside of local participation, the show is also aiming to attract attention and attendance from the
region, including Calgary and beyond.
The idea, Silva explained, is to continue to showcase all of what Strathmore and area has to offer as a
destination tourism location, with lots available for folks to not only enjoy the show, but to enjoy a
weekend in town.
“We definitely want to get it out to our Calgary visitors and anybody down south, or even up north in
Alberta. The great thing is, we have got an amazing weekend event planned out… with lots of activity
and opportunities to explore the town,” he said.
“Come enjoy some great music, cold beer, and good people. When you put these three things together
in a small Alberta town, you have got everything you need.”
Tickets are available online through the Strathmore Stampede website, as well as in person at the Ag
Society grounds in Strathmore.

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