Former Eagle Lake Campground under new name, new management

Formerly known as the Eagle Lake Campground, the site adjacent to Eagle Lake is sporting a new name and is under new management.

Now the Wheatland Shores Campground, the property is now being operated by Cara and Ryan Carriere, who also head the Rocking R Guest Ranch.

Eagle Lake Campground announced its closure after 30 years of operation over the summer of 2022, and officially ceased business in the fall.

Cara Carriere said she is aiming to have the site back open to the public for bookings later into the spring for a multitude of uses.

“When the County was looking for a new leaser, we just figured that it was a perfect fit with the business that we are already operating, and our main goal here at Rocking R Guest Ranch was to be more open to community and events,” she said.

“The campground is a perfect fit for that. One of the biggest things that drew us to it was the fact that they (Wheatland County) wanted it open to the public.”

There are roughly 100 sites for people to occupy on the site. Carriere explained roughly 40 of these will be reserved for seasonal rentals, with the rest to be utilized by short term occupants.

Immediately speaking, goals for the campsite include renovations to the camp store and office. This will be intended to better welcome people to the site and to offer essentials to clients during their stay such as snacks and children’s activities.

“We just want to connect with everybody and just bring people out, whether they want to camp, whether they just want to set up for the day and have a picnic, it is just a matter of letting the community know that we are open to having everybody just come out,” said Carriere.

“We are going to be open regardless, and then we will be continuing to do renovations and upgrades throughout the summer. We are not going to let that process prevent us from opening, but we definitely have lots of ideas and things that we want to upgrade and add to.”

Once open, the campground will offer site rentals for a variety of durations, as well as boat rentals for those who also wish to enjoy the lake.

Regarding the regular onset of cyanobacteria blooms during the summer, Carriere said she does not yet have plans to address the problem, but will be looking to work with Alberta Health Services for advice to keep campers informed and safe.

The goal thus far is to have the campground open to the public by May 1. More information regarding the campground’s opening and operations is available online or by reaching out to contact Rocking R Guest Ranch directly.

(Photo Credit: Trip Advisor)