Recently Upgraded Tennis Courts

Strathmore Tennis Courts

Strathmore has recently upgraded their two outdoor tennis courts to make them ready for tournament play! These two tennis courts offer public access spring through early fall (weather depending).

The tennis courts have their nets set up once they are open to the public. On off season, the courts are locked up to prevent damage to the courts. During the Tennis season any resident looking to play can utilize the unlocked courts. It is important to note that due to the Tennis courts proximity to both Strathmore High School, and Crowther Memorial Junior High, the tennis courts are often used by school gym classes during daytime hours May-June.

Please note: Players are limited to 30 minutes of playing time if there are people waiting to play on all Town owned courts.

The Town owned Tennis Courts are located between Crowther Memorial Junior High School, and the town Curling Rink and Family Center.

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