Strathmore Curbside Garbage and Composting Pickup

Strathmore Curbside Garbage and Compost

Did you know Strathmore offers a weekly curbside garbage and compost pick up?

Curbside Garbage and Composting is a service offered by the town to every resident. Your pickup day will depending on where you live in Strathmore, and what collection zone you area part of. Strathmore also recently introduced automated collection, which means every resident is given a Black Cart and a Green Cart to store their garbage and composting.

Please see the official Strathmore Town Map and Schedule below. (Also note, the Town recommends residents have their garbage and composting out by 7AM on their normal collection days).

Pick up Map and Schedule from The Town of Strathmore Website

Strathmore also has companies offering curbside recycling pick (for a monthly fee). The recycling yard and bottle depot are located on the South side of highway.

Acceptable Recycling Materials Include: 

  • Plastics (#2 printed on it)
  • Cardboard
  • Egg cartons
  • Tin cans
  • Newspaper, Mixed paper
  • Batteries, Paint
  • Used oil
  • Tires
  • Old appliances (some fees may apply if they contain freon or other dangerous materials)
  • Florescent bulbs – Charges apply
  • TV’s and electronics
  • Compost Materials including Grass clippings, Trees,Wood Pallets

The Town of Strathmore Currently does not offer curbside recycling services but they have an amazing recycle yard/facility. Click her for more info on the Strathmore Recycle Facility. 

Strathmore Curbside Recycling Pickup Services

The Town of Strathmore currently does not have a curbside recycling pickup service but many residents purchase the blue bin service from  Waste Management for approx. $20/month (check website for current pricing)