Strathmore’s Homes Most Affordable in the Area

Strathmore Lakewood Homes

Did you know Strathmore’s average home prices are consistently lower than all surrounding communities?

Strathmore’s commute time to Calgary is an average of 30-45 minutes for residents that work in the city. This commute time is right in the line with the average commute time for Calgary’s surrounding communities like Cochrane, Okotoks, or Airdire.

Community Avg. Property Tax Avg. Selling Price
Airdrie $2,856.51 $427,126
Strathmore $3,065.86 $346,468
High River $3,201.83 $357,032
Cochrane $3,501.42 $490,395
Okotoks $3,821.94 $487,617
Chestermere $4,777.23 $584,991

Residents of Strathmore also pay lower taxes than almost all other communities surrounding Calgary.