Fire department challenges Holy Cross students to food drive

In partnership with Strathmore Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and local RCMP, the Strathmore Fire Department has challenged Holy Cross Collegiate students to a food drive.

The friendly competition is in support of the Wheatland County Food Bank. According to David Sturgeon, chief of Strathmore’s fire department, the team was looking for a new and fun way to help out in the community.

“I think through conversations in different loops, we connected with the Holy Cross Collegiate and they were willing to help out, so we decided to team up against each other and make it a little fun for the students and members of the department,” he said.

“Everybody likes a good challenge so we thought it would spur everyone to try a little bit harder. We will see what comes out of it.”

If the students are able to collect more donations than the emergency services team, they will be treated to a barbeque at the fire hall.

On the flip side, if the emergency services team is able to collect more donations, the students will be washing emergency vehicles during a lunch period.

Sturgeon added the challenge is way to encourage the students to support the community while operating in a fun and engaging setting.

“We love to see people doing good in our community. Challenging the students teaches them the value of helping others while tapping into their competitive spirit to keep things interesting,” he said.

The challenge began, Feb. 27 and will run until Mar. 10, so there are still a few days to help out and make a donation.

Donations to the food bank in support of the students can be made at the school during regular office hours. The fire department and RCMP have dropped collection bags around the community for people to donate through, and are also accepting donations at their respective detachment offices.

There is no specific goal in mind regarding exactly how much in donations both teams are aiming to collect. Simply put, the more the better.

Sturgeon said this is the first time he is able to recall that emergency services has participated in a friendly competition like this.

“So far, it has been good. There has been some banter back and forth about who is going to win and we have been trying to muster up some help on our side, but I think they are a strong team to contend against,” said Sturgeon “They have got lots of resources in that school so we will see who comes out on top.”

The winners of the challenge will be announced on Mar. 16.