Strathmore Library

Strathmore Library

The Strathmore Library offers a wide selection of books in addition to CD’s, DVD’s and audio-books. The Strathmore Library is also a member of the Marigold Library System which allows them to borrow materials they do not have from their partner libraries. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask them to search the Marigold Library system!

The Strathmore Library is also an active participant in the community offering free classes and events to Strathmore residents. The Library always offers a summer reading program run by volunteers for school-aged kids, in addition to their year-round events.

Some recent events hosted by the Strathmore Library include Books Sales, Story Time, and a course on avoiding Internet Scams.

The Strathmore Library is open between the hours of 10-7 weekly.

Strathmore Library Interior

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