MeadowLark Strathmore Seniors
Meadowlark is one of the longest standing dementia care and assisted living senior care service providers.

For more than 19 years Meadowlark has been able to provide tailored, individualized care service for seniors in need of any level of care.

The focus is the provide resident’s with maximum flexibility in their care and to adapt as their care needs change.

The staff at Meadowlark focus on identifying and monitoring each resident’s emotional, spiritual, and physical care regularly, while doctors regularly review resident medication and care plans.

Meadowlark also offers:

  • Personal care, bathing, toileting, medication assistance, and security checks on residents
  • Home made meals
  • Foot care and hairdressing
  • Activity programs
  • Encourage residents to be involved in folding laundry, helping with meals, set the table etc., to promote independent living and enhance their experience.

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