Strathmore Taxi

While Strathmore has no public transportation, there are still options for residents who don’t have a vehicle.

The Strathmore Taxi is a 24 hour taxi service offering rides around town for a flat rate of $9 ($7.25 for seniors). The Strathmore Taxi also operates as an Airport Shuttle.

Another alternative for Residents who qualify is the Strathmore Handibus. The Strathmore Handibus is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Town of Strathmore, Wheatland County and private donors.

This bus is a service provided to seniors (65+) and persons with disabilities. Clients looking to use the Strathmore Handibus must register and book the service a recommended two days in advance.

The Strathmore Handibus organization currently has 6 wheelchair accessible vans and a bus.