Tri-Smore Triathlon

TriSmore Triathalon Finish Line

Starting out with a humble beginning in 2011, the Tri-Smore Strathmore Triathlon has grown to be a major summer sports event with hundreds of participants and volunteers coming to participate and enjoy the love of sport.

This great family friendly event has become a summer tradition bringing hundreds of people to Strathmore from all over Western Canada and beyond and continues to grow thanks to an experienced team of event organizers and volunteers.

Checkout the Tri-Smore with your family if you have not been a part of it yet! There is something for everyone including the little ones with a “Two Bite Smore” race. 

The race date for 2019 is June 22. Registration ends June 16. There is a fee for this Triathalon (fees depend on the length race and the number or participants in each race) and the fee includes food after the race, a tech shirt and all the needed racing timers for the triathlon.

Mega Smore (17+)60 lengths*40 km10 km
Full Smore (17+)20 lengths*20 km5 km
Half Smore (13+)10 lengths*10 km2.5 km
Quarter Smore (- 13)4 lengths*5 km1.5 km
2 bite smores (- 8)1 length*0.8 km0.25 km

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For more info visit the Tri-Smore Website