Strathmore Offers Heavy Item Garbage

Heavy Item Garbage Strathmore

Heavy Item Garbage (HIG) is a great service provided by the Town of Strathmore that allows the dump to come to you.

Unlike other towns and cities, Strathmore does not have a garbage dump. The solution for most residents is to use the extensive recycling center run by Huxted located in the south east of town or to use Heavy Item Garbage (for those items that can’t be recycled).

Facts You Need to Know About Heavy Item Garbage

  • It is a service provided in addition to your regular garbage pickup
  • It is provided only five times a year so being aware of the schedule is important
  • It is not intended for large quantities of heavy garbage
  • It only includes items that can be lifted by hand by the workers picking it up
  • These items are intended to go to a landfill so try the recycle center before putting items out for HIG
  • Heavy item garbage go in the same place as you regularly put your household garbage.
  • You MUST tag your HIG with stickers that you have to pick up at the town office.
  • You can’t pickup stickers the actual week of scheduled pickups so make sure you pickup these NO COST stickers before the scheduled date

Strathmore Heavy Item Garbage Tags
Heavy Item Garbage Tags

Some items that you can put out for Heavy Item Garbage include: Washers, dryers, stoves, furniture (sofas, dressers etc.), mattress, box springs.

Carpet must be rolled and can no longer than 4 ft. Separated metal materials will be accepted in addition to small quantities of lumber in bundles taped and no longer than 4ft.

Please Do not Include in Your Heavy Item Garbage:
  • Regular household garbage in garbage bags
  • Paint
  • Construction garbage (drywall, insulation, etc)
  • Hazardous materials
  • Motor oil
  • Vehicle parts
  • Random metal
  • Air conditioners, fridges & freezers

Most of the above items CAN be recycled at the recycle yard for a small fee so try there first.

When to look out for Heavy Item Garbage

Jan 18-22, Mar 14-18 / Jun 13-17 / Sept 19-23 / Nov 21-25