Outdoor Pond Skating in Strathmore

Skating at Kinsmen Park Strathmore

Looking for something to do outside this winter?

One popular activity in Strathmore during the winter is outdoor ice skating. Multiple residents in multiple communities in Strathmore clear pond ice and offer a free space to outdoor skate during the cold winter months.

The most popular pond to skate on during the winter is Kinsmen Lake. Kinsmen Lake is used as an outdoor rink every year. This pond is cleared of snow and checked on a regular basis during the winter to ensure public safety. Kinsmen Lake usually features a ring skating track around the lake and one or two skating rinks to allow room for those that want to come and play hockey on the ice. 

The only downside to skating at Kinsmen is there are no bright lights or street laps near the lake, meaning if you choose to go skating in the evening, you will be skating in the dark. It’s also important to note that there are no facilities to rent any equipment, so be sure to bring your own!

Additional ice rinks can be found at Gray’s Park, and in the community of Hillview.