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SHS Students are paying it forward with the construction of a community greenhouse

Students at Strathmore High School (SHS) have found a unique way to contribute to the community and the environment.

Cole Hintz a science teacher at SHS explains the project and its goals, 

“We got into aquaponics and hydroponics in the halls of our school and we wanted to think about, ok how do we connect more of what we’re doing here at Strathmore High School with the community. “

“We thought that a community greenhouse would be a great place. Different people in our community can come together to learn from each other. It’ll provide our students with a mentorship and mentee possibilities as we learn together with the community through that space.”
So far construction is going well, with students from the Sustainable Solutions club and the grade 11 science classes working on the base of the greenhouse along with the construction of a climate battery. This battery will be responsible for heating and cooling the greenhouse and is more environmentally friendly than other methods.
Hintz emphasized that this project would not be possible without contributions from the community it will benefit.
“Local businesses have really shown up and gave us a ton of support. Like Grays contracting, finding the parts for our climate battery and we are getting a pretty good deal from UFARHP irrigation and Wheatland County too. We’re probably most excited about the sign that’s going to go in front of this space and just how large it’s going to have to be to include everyone that’s made this possible.”
However there is still some work to do before its functional and as Hintz explains, like before the students at SHS are looking to the community for support in the final steps of the project.
“Currently we’re still waiting on our dome to get here. We plan to build it on June 20th with volunteers from the community and our school over the span of 2-3 days. But we need that kit to get here first and then we can build the dome itself.”
So what will the students grow once the greenhouse goes up? Hintz has noted that besides plans for various fruit trees. The students at SHS are fond of hot peppers and most likely will fill up their plots with ghost Peppers and jalapenos.