Christmas Hamper Society has hampers available to those in need

Marilyn Galvin noted the tables may look empty but will be filled Friday once our food order comes in.

The Strathmore Wheatland Christmas Hamper Society (SWCHS)  is in full swing as they get ready to send their hampers out to families in need. While it’s been a busy year of collecting goods and organizing, Hamper Society Chair Marilyn Galvin said they’re currently below what they were expecting regarding applications for hampers.

As of Friday they had 161 applications, which is around what they had last year. However, they planned to give out 328 hampers, which is more than last year since Galvin explained many factors led to them expecting more people would be in need this holiday season.

“The cost of everything has gone up, everyday living, food, household electricity and all those things which is making it harder for people to just make ends meet. I think Covid set people back and they haven’t got enough relief to get out of it yet,” Galvin said.

While a lower than expected amount of applications may initially seem like a good thing, as you may be thinking that this means less people need help, Galvin is concerned that it actually means people that do need help either don’t know how to apply, or aren’t even aware help is available. Given that Alberta foodbank usage is the highest in the country, it’s possible that this is the case.

Galvin wants to make sure everyone gets the support they need, for anyone in need of a hamper Galvin says the Hamper Society can be reached by phoning 403-934-2266. The deadline is December 13 to submit an applicaton to receive a Christmas hamper this season. 

Galvin added she is very grateful for the strong community support the makes this program a success year after year.

“(I want to thank) the tremendous amount of donors that have stepped up this year. The people have stepped up with monetary donations and gifts.”

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