CGC already making a big community impact

Members of CGC, WCS, and Wheatland County Council.
From left to right: Joe Bielik (CGC), Carol Manson Mcleod (WCS) Amber Link (County Reeve), Natasha Fyfe (WCS), Donna Biggar (County Councillor), Scott Silva (WCS), Erin Stewart (CGC), Steve Stremecki (CGC)

Earlier this year, a $210 million CGC wallboard manufacturing plant was announced for Carseland. With construction starting in 2023 and the plant being operational for 2025-2026, the impacts of this investment will be huge. More than 100 fulltime jobs will be created, as well as many jobs for construction workers.

While things are looking good for the future, CGC is already making a community impact now, despite the fact construction hasn’t even started yet. CGC made a $5000 donation to the Wheatland Crisis Society (WCS) as a part of their ‘give local’ program! This is an initiative where the company makes an annual $5000 donation to a local charity that employees vote on. With 46 plants (including the upcoming Wheatland County plant) across Canada and the USA, this amounts to $230 000 a year given to supporting local charities.

“It’s (Wheatland County’s future plant) already considered a part of our family, so going forward we’ll be making that annual contribution based on the choices of our employees,” CGC’s Regional Sales Manager Steve Stremecki said.

“It’s going to be an integral part of what we do going forward. Whether it’s a charity or just getting involved with various events, we want to be a part of the community, we want the community to feel we’re a part of them.”

Wheatland County Reeve Amber Link has been the driving force behind the recent influx of investments into our county, and she said part of the county’s process is attracting businesses that go beyond just profits and numbers, and also make a positive community impact.

“Council has been obviously very laser focused on bringing in investment into the county. Part of that is driven by wanting to diversify our economy and build our tax base, and also to create job opportunities for our residents. But as well, we do know that you see that corporate support for our community organizations, and that’s so critical for having a community. To know that the Wheatland Crisis Society will take those funds and provide those wrap around services to vulnerable folks in our community is so important,” Link said.

As for how the money will be used, WCS’s Business Development and Communications Specialist Natasha Fyfe said this will go directly to helping their clients.

“All the money that comes in that is outside of our projected budget goes directly towards client care, so anything our clients need that when they come to shelter we can provide for them, and right now that’s winter boots, that’s coats, hats, mitts, and it’s everything above and beyond basic needs,” Fyfe said.

Donations like this can be especially useful to supporting the WCS, as a lot of their projected budget goes into things like building maintenance and paying the bills. Anything outside of the projected budget goes a long way toward helping the people who need help directly.

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